Saturday, January 30, 2010

Jan 28 Animal Kingdom

I freaking love Animal Kingdom....I mean I LOVE LOVE LOVE IT!! It was a great day, park wasn't crowded and I wasn't too stressed about "staying on schedule". We started off the day by going on Everest twice in a row.....I wish I could start every day off like that!!! Then over to Dinosaur where I met a nice lady from the! I actually got brave after that and went on Primeval Hurl...I mean Whirl! I didn't feel too bad afterwards thankfully. Bugs Life, Pizzafari, Safari, and of course the TIGERS!!! Seriously I could just watch them all day long! 2 more rides on Everast and one more on the Safari and we were out of there.

The plan for dinner was spaghetti. I ran to the store at about 4 for chips and salsa...then 2 hours later when I was going to make dinner I realized that we had left the spaghetti sauce at Walmart!!! Grr...back to the grocery store for sauce. Dinner was good when I finally got it!!

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