Thursday, December 30, 2010

Dec 23 2010

Skippy is a goober...

Dec 18 2010

It was Christmas since the girls were gone on the actual holiday...Alyssa is worn out...

Dec 17 2010

After I finally got done wrapping all the presents I set up the tripod and played with the camera for a bit...this one was my favorite...

Dec 13 2010

Way behind on taking and updating pics....I suck...

Sunday, December 12, 2010

Got a tree today

Looked for a tree yesterday at Lowes in Decatur but they were all horribly ugly.  So we went to Home Depot in Roanoke and got this nice little tree for only $30!!  Can't beat that!!  Waiting to decorate it until Alyssa comes home. 

Dec 10 2010

Love this picture...

Dec 6 2010

Took a tour of West Texas A&M today.  Looked like a nice campus, we've got one more to check out before she makes her decision. 

Dec 5 2010

Drove to Amarillo with Allison to check out West Texas A&M.  Got there early in the afternoon and went to Palo Duro Canyon. 

Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Nov 28 Zoo Day

Great day!! Got up early and went to the zoo with the family!!  Had a fun time and the animals were great!! 

Nov 27 Quiet Day

Started off the day with french toast and sausage!!  Yum!!  Pretty much just chilled at home most of the day then went to church at 5.  The new building is awesome!!!

Nov 26 girls came home

I was supposed to go trail riding today, but the lights on my trailer aren't working for some reason so I stayed home, enjoyed the peace and quiet and cleaned the house up.   Girls got home in the afternoon after a 4 hour drive on 4 hours of sleep!!  
   Olive was happy to have Alyssa come home! 

Nov 25 Happy Thanksgiving.

Long long day.....woke up and it was FREEZING.  Then we had to head off to Mexia.  Didn't know we were eating at noon so I ate crackers all the way there and wasn't hungry when we got there.  Dave came over with his kids who wanted to see the cows.  So we went out in the freezing cold and visited the cows.  I took a million pictures of the kids and the cows of course so it was fun for me!!! 

Nov 24

Skippy is so beautiful....

Nov 22

Normal Monday.....took the dogs out for a run!!