Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Aug 27

Moved Allison into her dorm at SFA....I think it was the easiest move in day ever!!

Aug 21

Took Alyssa out to breakfast at Denny's then headed to Mexia to pick up some hay!  Got to visit with the old dog and the young dog while we were there!!

Aug 20th

Crazy long day.  Left the house around 8:30 to head to Austin to move Alyssa into her apartment.  Stopped for some kolaches in West and that was the only thing we ate until about 10:30 that night when we went to IHOP!! 
Bought her some furniture on Craigslist instead of hauling a couch all the way from here.

Monday, August 29, 2011

Aug 7th

Last Ranger game of the year as a family!  Elvis threw Alyssa a ball, Michael Young got his 2000th hit, and the Rangers won....all in all a great night!!

July 29

Sad day, had to get off the ship...boo!!!  Picked up the rent a car and then went to Ron Jon's for a t shirt for Allison since the one she bought there last summer had a hole in it.  Got myself a sweatshirt and then we headed over to Orlando.  Went to Downtown Disney for lunch and then went to check into our hotel.  It was weird being there and not going to the park but the pool at the Riverside French Quarter was really nice!

July 28

Second day at Castaway Cay...I could stay there forever...

July 27

Sea Day!!!  Spent the entire day doing pretty much of nothing....it was awesome....

July 26

Nassau Day.  Got off the ship for a bit just to wander around the port.  Not much exciting and it was a million degrees so we didn't stay off the ship long.  Spent a day chilling on the deck and just taking it easy.

July 25

1st Castaway Cay Day!!!  Weather was beautiful and the adult beach was PERFECT!  Lunch at Serenity Bay was really good too.  Then headed back to the ship and chilled in the adult section of the ship on a big chair overlooking the island.   Love this ship!!!

July 24

First day of our 5 night cruise on the Disney Dream!!  Started off the day by relaxing on the beach for about an hour or so while John went to Walmart for last minute things.  I love Cocoa Beach, I don't know why people complain about it. 

Dropped off the rental car around 11 or so and got on the shuttle to head over to the port.  The whole process was really easy and we were checked in quickly.  We had about a 45 minute wait or so in the crowded terminal before we boarded but it wasn't that bad. 

Ship was BEAUTIFUL!!  Got some lunch, checked out our room and the ship and then we put on our suits and headed to the Adult pool.  Since we didn't have kids with us, we stayed at the pool instead of watching the Sail Away show. 

Had a great first day!!

July 9

Went to Mexia to visit the old dog and to see the new puppy that showed up there.  So his mom went from having no dog to having two dogs within a few days!!  The puppy LOVES Lita and the feeling is mutual.   :)

July 8

Here's poor Autumn after going to the vet.  The rescue dog tried to make a meal out of her. Thankfully she was ok, just really scared.

July 7L

Lita is outside because she hates Griffey and the cats.  John took her to the farm where she will live out her days.

July 6

Rescued this old girl from the shelter.  She was going to be put down, so John got her for his mom.  She's a sweet dog, but she hates cats.

July 3

I love my old man!!

July 2

Went to Mexia to move cows into a different pasture.  Exciting times...

July 1

My Jo is so cute!!!

June 30

My boys love each other!!

June 29

Cute little cows behind our pasture!!