Monday, December 5, 2011

Dec 5

Can't believe I woke up to snow on the ground!!!! 

Dec 4

Lazy day!!!  Took John to the airport first thing in the morning and then came home to chill pretty much all day long.  It was cold and rainy all day, so although I did clean up the house was a nice lazy day!!
The cats were so lazy that they didn't move from this spot all day......

Sunday, December 4, 2011

Nov 29

The things my dogs put up with Lol!

Nov 27

Tonight it was Charlie's turn to lay closest to the fire!

Nov 25

Super day spent doing NOTHING!!  John had to work, so the rest of us just chilled at the house and had a fire!

Nov 24

Happy Thanksgiving!!!  Great day with the family!!  Got up and went to see Breaking Dawn with the girls and then came home to chill and eat!! 

Nov 20

Had a great day with Alyssa!  Got up and headed to San Antonio to do some sightseeing, shopping and to visit an old friend from Alaska!  Went to the Riverwalk mall and walked down by the Riverwalk and over to the Alamo.  Took some pics (OBVIOUSLY) and then headed to the Earl of Sandwich to eat!!  YUM!!!  The only time we get Earl is at Disney World, so we were just pretending we were in Downtown Disney while we were eating!   After lunch we headed over to visit my friend Tina and had a nice time catching up!!

Nov 19

Drove down to Austin to see Alyssa in a play.  She was playing the Jester and was freaking adorable and AMAZING!  I am blown away every time I see her on stage...I am so totally proud of her!

Sunday, November 13, 2011

Nov 13

Beautiful North Texas Day!!  Almost 80 degrees and just beautiful out!!! 

Saturday, November 12, 2011

Nov 12

Having a great day at home alone!!  Watching a Harry Potter Marathon and playing with my camera. 

Nov 11

Need to get my camera out more.  I need practice with the portrait lens I bought...sometimes it seems that I don't have it on the right setting and it results in blurry pics which I can not stand!!   Here's one that came out pretty much perfect though....I love Jo....

Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Nov 6

Another day in Vegas spent walking around!  Buffets and roller coasters!!  

Nov 5

John had a business trip in Vegas so I joined him for the weekend!!  Had a nice time seeing the new things since I haven't been to Vegas in years, but it reminded me that I would rather go to Disney or somewhere else.  Just a lot of smut in Vegas that I really don't like to be around.  We're not clubbing/bar type of it's just a lot of walking! 

We did see some equestrian events which I loved!  A jumper show Saturday morning and Grand Prix jumping Saturday night.  That was really neat to see.  I wish the weather had been warmer so we could have gone to Zion National Park, but the weather was just too iffy.

Oct 31

Halloween at work is always interesting!!  The parents and the teachers love it....the babies....not so much....

Oct 21

Beautiful fall day and a roundbale...does it get any better?

Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Oct 18

Ivan did it again!  We had a bunch of rain the other day so the pasture is muddy, and the temps drops so the weather was cool.  The horses were enjoying the weather and running around when Ivan slipped in the mud and cut himself up.  I could tell that he was hurt, but I thought he hurt his leg.  When I went to check on him I looked up at his belly and saw what he did.  I hosed it off and put some medicine on it so hopefully it will heal up soon, but it's in a tender spot and may take awhile to heal.  Giving him a tetanus shot too since I have no idea what he cut himself on.

Monday, October 17, 2011

Oct 17

Dear Coyotes....although you are cute to watch play...please go live somewhere else.  I don't want you to hurt my Jo. 

Oct 16

EXTREMELY long day.  Woke up about 7ish and had to get up and get ready so we could head out.  Picked up Griffey and said goodbye to Alyssa and then headed to Mexia.  John had to put out hay for the 4 remaining cows at the farm.  Played with Lita, gave Puppy her heartworm medicine and then headed back home.  Picked up Jonas and Kacie from the kennel about 3 and then came home to take a NAP!

Went outside in the evening and saw a bunch of coyotes run back behind the pasture.  John went out with his little bb gun but they were too far away by the time he got out there.

Oct 15

Went to Austin for Alyssa's parent's weekend.  We didn't do any of the events, but it was still fun to go see her!  We went out to lunch at a really cool bar/restaurant and had an AMAZING burger.  Then she took us to the place that she likes to go study and it was BEAUTIFUL.   Then we stayed in and watched the Rangers beat the Tigers and HEAD BACK TO THE WORLD SERIES!!!

Oct 12

I love him.....he is one of the coolest horses alive.

Oct 9

Got some much needed rain which turned the hard ground into mud.  Skippy decided to roll in the mud and try to disguise himself as a paint horse!!  I didn't clean him off since I figure the dirt will keep the flies off of him.

Oct 8

Went to Mexia to pick up a round bale for the horses.  Didn't stay very long, but of course I had to visit with sweet old Lita!!!

Thursday, October 6, 2011

Oct 1

Go Rangers!!!!  John and I went to Game Two of the ALDS.  It was a great game and John and I got to see a post season win!  Our seats were amazing, 2nd row behind the visitors dugout.  I would have rather been by the Rangers dugout, but it was still good!

Sep 24

Went to visit Allison for Parents Weekend at SFA.  Met her at Walmart and bought her some stuff, and then just mostly chilled the rest of the day before the football game.   Had a nice time and the campus of SFA is really pretty!

Sep 21

Every morning Jo jumps the fence and roams the property......what a goober.

Sep 18

Happy old dog...

Sep 17

Actually got a little rain!!  Lasted long enough to make muddy horses!!

Sep 14

This is why I love my Rangers.....they play a game for a living and actually look like they are having FUN while they are doing it !!

Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Sep 9

Friday night Ranger game!!! 

Sep 5

Griffey loves to go outside and run in the pasture.

Sep 4

Charlie knows how to relax!

Sep 3

I like both of these pictures the I'm posting both!!

Sep 2

I love my little horse flower pot!! 

Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Aug 27

Moved Allison into her dorm at SFA....I think it was the easiest move in day ever!!

Aug 21

Took Alyssa out to breakfast at Denny's then headed to Mexia to pick up some hay!  Got to visit with the old dog and the young dog while we were there!!

Aug 20th

Crazy long day.  Left the house around 8:30 to head to Austin to move Alyssa into her apartment.  Stopped for some kolaches in West and that was the only thing we ate until about 10:30 that night when we went to IHOP!! 
Bought her some furniture on Craigslist instead of hauling a couch all the way from here.

Monday, August 29, 2011

Aug 7th

Last Ranger game of the year as a family!  Elvis threw Alyssa a ball, Michael Young got his 2000th hit, and the Rangers won....all in all a great night!!

July 29

Sad day, had to get off the!!!  Picked up the rent a car and then went to Ron Jon's for a t shirt for Allison since the one she bought there last summer had a hole in it.  Got myself a sweatshirt and then we headed over to Orlando.  Went to Downtown Disney for lunch and then went to check into our hotel.  It was weird being there and not going to the park but the pool at the Riverside French Quarter was really nice!

July 28

Second day at Castaway Cay...I could stay there forever...

July 27

Sea Day!!!  Spent the entire day doing pretty much of was awesome....

July 26

Nassau Day.  Got off the ship for a bit just to wander around the port.  Not much exciting and it was a million degrees so we didn't stay off the ship long.  Spent a day chilling on the deck and just taking it easy.

July 25

1st Castaway Cay Day!!!  Weather was beautiful and the adult beach was PERFECT!  Lunch at Serenity Bay was really good too.  Then headed back to the ship and chilled in the adult section of the ship on a big chair overlooking the island.   Love this ship!!!