Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Feb 21

New round bale.  Got a new round bale from a farmer off craigslist since the horses won't eat the one we bought from the feed store.  It was $25 cheaper and apparently tastes better since they are eating this one!!!

Feb 18 2011

What a handsome pony...

Feb 13

John washed the nasty snow and ice off my truck!!

Thursday, February 17, 2011

Feb 9

Timmy likes the bed too...

Feb 8

Charlie loves the new bed we got for Jonas!

Sunday, February 6, 2011

Last day off

Going to spend our last day off chilling at home.  Crazy isn't it??  We've been pretty much home since Tuesday and I really don't want to go anywhere today....

Feb 4

GREAT DAY!!!!  The temps were still way below freezing but somehow (guess it was all my praying for water) we had water again.  It was an awesome feeling!!  We could take a shower and get clean!!   It snowed again overnight so John stayed home since the roads were so bad again.  Although we were still stuck at home, this was a great day since our water came back on!!!

Feb 3

No picture today.  John got up and went to work even though the roads were horrible still.  I stayed home because it wasn't worth risking my life for only a few hours of work.  Plus, I was pretty gross from not being able to take a shower.    It took John forever to make it home from work, said he was only going 20 on the highway.  He stopped at Walmart and brought us home a few cases of water so we could wash our hair, and also BBQ for dinner. 

Feb 2

Snow day number 2...not nearly as much fun as day 1 since we woke up to NO WATER AT ALL!!!  Apparently they were frozen somewhere so we had no water.  We had to melt snow on the stove so we were able to have water to flush the toilets.  No showers, no nothing.   Yucky day, but once again, at least we were safe and warm in the house and had heat.

Feb 1

Snow Day number one!!!  Great day, it was cold, but we were warm in the house with a roaring fire and the horses were warm outside in their blankets!   Stayed in pj's all day, ate chili and watched tv...it was an awesome day!!