Sunday, November 13, 2011

Nov 13

Beautiful North Texas Day!!  Almost 80 degrees and just beautiful out!!! 

Saturday, November 12, 2011

Nov 12

Having a great day at home alone!!  Watching a Harry Potter Marathon and playing with my camera. 

Nov 11

Need to get my camera out more.  I need practice with the portrait lens I bought...sometimes it seems that I don't have it on the right setting and it results in blurry pics which I can not stand!!   Here's one that came out pretty much perfect though....I love Jo....

Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Nov 6

Another day in Vegas spent walking around!  Buffets and roller coasters!!  

Nov 5

John had a business trip in Vegas so I joined him for the weekend!!  Had a nice time seeing the new things since I haven't been to Vegas in years, but it reminded me that I would rather go to Disney or somewhere else.  Just a lot of smut in Vegas that I really don't like to be around.  We're not clubbing/bar type of it's just a lot of walking! 

We did see some equestrian events which I loved!  A jumper show Saturday morning and Grand Prix jumping Saturday night.  That was really neat to see.  I wish the weather had been warmer so we could have gone to Zion National Park, but the weather was just too iffy.

Oct 31

Halloween at work is always interesting!!  The parents and the teachers love it....the babies....not so much....

Oct 21

Beautiful fall day and a roundbale...does it get any better?