Saturday, January 29, 2011

Happy Kacie

Happy Happy Kacie...she has a stick and her daddy!

Jan 28

Took the dogs out to play and Ivan decided to join in on the fun!!

Jan 27

Sweet Timmy

Jan 24

Took the tour of SFA today and Allison has decided that's where she is going!  The tour was really good except for the fact that it was really cold and we got TWO parking tickets!

Sunday, January 23, 2011

Heading to SFA today

Heading off to college visit number three today.  4 hour drive through pretty much nothing to get there, but I hear the campus is beautiful.

Think it's time John threw the tree away?

Jan 22

Had a nice day with John.  Went out to get a roundbale for the horses and then headed out to lunch.  I wanted pizza, but John wanted Mexican so he won out.  His order was way better than mine.  I had a ton of onions and green peppers in mine and it was not good.  Thankfully I had a ton of chips and salsa and then one of John's brisket tacos.  They were awesome!! 

Friday, January 21, 2011

Colder today than yesterday

Colder today than yesterday, but at least it's not crazy windy so it doesn't seem as bad!!  Here's Olive who is very thankful that she is inside and not outside in the cold!!!

Thursday, January 20, 2011

Freezing out!!

It's SOOO cold out today.  I felt bad for the horses so I got up earlier than I wanted too so I could go out and feed them.  But they didn't care...they just wanted to run around and act like idiots....

Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Jan 14

Sad last day!!  Got up early for rope drop at the Magic Kingdom.  Mom slept in since she didn't want to brave the cold.  Park was way more crowded that it was earlier in the week, but we did pretty much everything we wanted to do and headed out around 2:30 so we could rest up before we went back for the fireworks.

Here's Alyssa on a very cold Astro Orbiter ride!!!

Jan 13

Back to Epcot for Rope Drop...we were about the only people stupid enough to do it. 

We headed to Test Track first thing and rope with a wind chill of 22!!!!  BRRR!!!

Jan 12

Slept in once again and headed to Magic Kingdom around 11.  Way too cold to brave rope drop, so we decided to do that on Friday.  Park was pretty dead and we pretty much walked on everything we wanted too.

Ali loved Magic Kingdom so much it made her want to sing!!

Jan 11 Hollywood Studios

Started off the morning with the crazy Toy Story Mania Rush!!  I was at the rope but so many people ran by me it was crazy!!  We still got good times for our FP's and then I headed over to meet the gang at the Tower of Terror.  Rode that twice then grabbed FP's for Rock n Roll Rollercoaster for later.  Great Movie Ride, Toy Story Mania, and a bunch of other stuff.  Ate lunch at Sci Fi which was fun, expensive, but fun!

Jan 10

Slept in a bit and went to Epcot.  It seemed like everyone else had the same idea, but we just grabbed Soarin FP's, rode Figment and headed to the countries.   We hit Mexico for a churro, then I had a yummy pretzel in Norway!   I love eating my way around Epcot!!  We were in Germany when the rain hit, I think it rains every time I go to Epcot!  But the rain passed quickly, plus we had ponchos so we pressed on and had a good time!

We ate lunch in Germany and it was PACKED...we had to head out by the water to find a place to they are before the skies opened up and started pouring!

Jan 9 2011

Animal Kingdom day!!!  When we got there there were marathon runners going through the park.  It was a small inconvenience, but mostly it was pretty cool to see them running through.  We even had some runners ride Everest with us! 
  Great day as always!  Rode Everest three times, Safari twice, Dino twice and Bugs life once.

I love this picture of Ali and Eeyore!

I know I try to keep it to one pic a day, but I love this one too...

Jan 8

Welcome to Disney!!!  After an early morning flight Alyssa was wore out so we decided to take naps before we went back to the airport to pick up Mom and Ali.

It was a crazy hectic day.  Mom's flight was screwed up and got there 5 hours later than originally scheduled, then her luggage wasn't on  her plane, so we had to wait longer!!  Then a trip to Walmart with what appeared to be the entire population of Brazil.    But we were in Florida so it's all good!!

Here are the happy roommates excited to be in Disney together!!

Jan 4, 2011

Ivan and Skippy decided to put on a show for the neighbor horses running, bucking and prancing.

Dec 31

What a messy pony....

Dec 25

Merry Christmas!!!!!  It was a cold and yucky day, the girls were gone, so John and I had a nice chill day at home!!