Monday, August 31, 2009

back to normal...

Worked my normal 12:30-6:30 today..yea!! That gave me enough time to take the dogs out in the morning, clean up the house and throw some dinner in the crockpot!!

Work was pretty's really nice only working 6 hours!! But I don't feel well, so I'm going to bed early because I have to get up early tomorrow. Jonas has to be at the vet by 8:30 and my group starts back up again, then it's off to work!!

Sunday, August 30, 2009

Nice Sunday

Had a nice day....slept till almost 8 which was great. Then took the dogs to run around in the pasture. Jonas was barking at the cows and got the other 2 dogs barking. It was so funny!

I also hooked up the trailer and took Skippy for a ride into town to get diesel, and did a ton of laundry, but that's it....and it was wonderful!!

Aug 29-Lazy Day

Lazy Saturday. I did go to Walmart and Tractor Supply but other than that we did nothing and it was WONDERFUL!!

I did let the dogs run in the pasture to burn off some energy and of course they loved that!

Aug 28

Loser Day again and no pics. But work was crazy and I was TIRED!!!

Thursday, August 27, 2009


Actually had a storm last night and some rain today!!

Sad day today for my BFF Melinda who had to put her first horse down. I wish I could have been with her.....but I was with her in spirit!!

Aug 26-loser...

Loser day...didn't take any pics!!

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Crazy Tuesday...

Babies were freaking nuts today and I was cranky so it was not a good combination. I think they are always bad on days that Drew is there. Poor kid isn't very likable...all he does is cry...unless you're holding him. And with a 4-1 ratio you can't hold him all day long. The new people feel sorry for him and hold him, but I guess I'm just a meanie and let him cry. Drew cries and makes everyone else's so annoying. I hope he gets better soon...

Griffey misses Alyssa since she is gone at college and Alyssa just misses home. I know she'll be fine, but I feel so bad for her now....

Aug 24-Monday Monday

It was Allison's first day of school as a licensed driver and it was Jonas's first day at daycare. Allison said she navigated the parking lot ok and even went to Starbucks at lunch with Whitnie.

Jonas wasn't happy when they took him back at Petsmart, but he got a good report card and hopefully he wasn't too freaked out!!

Sunday, August 23, 2009

Busy day!

Busy busy busy day....woke up and did laundry. Then headed to church where I had a mini "I miss Alyssa breakdown" Well...they were singing a Kari Jobe song and Alyssa loves her so it made me wish she was there, and then the tears came! Had a guest pastor who was quite the yeller. It was a good message, but I don't know if Allison could get past the yelling!!

Then we headed to petsmart to sign up Jonas for daycare tomorrow....hopefully I will be ok leaving the little guy there.

Off to Kohls where it was CRAZY and Allison found 2 pairs of jeans and I got a candle. Then to QT for a diet vanilla coke, and then Walmart for stuff.....according to Allison we had "NO FOOD AT ALL" Poor child was starving....

FINALLY got home, took the dogs out for a run in the pasture, ate pizza, did some laundry, and now I'm going to dye Allison's hair for the first day of school tomorrow...

Here's the stuff that I got for Alyssa at Walmart...

Saturday, August 22, 2009

Happy dog!!

Tax free weekend so I took Allison shopping for some jeans. It was like Christmas at the mall it was so crowded!! I got some pants for work and Allison got a few things.

Came home and took the dogs out in the pasture to run this not the happiest face you've ever seen!!!

Aug 21-late to work

For those that know me, you know I am NEVER late for ANYTHING....well...stupid storm knocked out the traffic lights so I was late. I sat in traffic for over 30 was nuts....

Aug 20-zzzz

worked all day.....seriously worn out!!!

Timmy looks tired too...

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Aug 19-Back to Work

Went back to work today...woo hoo! I really am having fun with my job. Even though it's tiring and can be's still fun. I missed the babies while I was gone!!!

Here is one of the baby birds that live right outside my back door!

Aug 18-Moving into the Dorm

After driving 700 miles Monday we had to take Alyssa to UT on Tuesday. Check in was 4 and we didn't leave Austin until almost 9 so we got home LATE.

Sucked leaving my baby all alone in the dorms, but she'll be ok.....

Aug 17- Long drive home...

You know....we drove 700 miles home from Alabama and I don't know if I took any pictures because I was tired and cranky.....


Sunday meant the Jonas Brothers concert. They won tickets to the soundcheck so they were pretty happy about that!!!

Sunday, August 16, 2009

Aug 15-Tattoo for Alyssa

We took Chelsi and Alyssa to get tattoos today. Alyssa was braver than Chelsi, or should I say less dramatic!! LOL!

They both got them on their foot, Chelsi got a cute bird and Alyssa got a peace sign.

Saturday, August 15, 2009

Aug 14-visiting Charlene

Went to visit Charlene. She hasn't seen the girls since 1996 and I have never seen her triplets! We had a good visit and her girls are so cute!! I tried to get pictures of them all together but it didn't happen because they are so squirmy!!

Here are Charlene's girls making Alyssa beautiful!!

13 Aug-Travel day

Long long long long long drive to Alabama today. The drive wasn't too bad until we got to Alabama and it got dark. I hate driving in the dark, especially on scary 2 lane roads....

Jonas was really good but he was really scared at the first few rest stops...

Here are Jonas and the girls at the Mississippi welcome center...

12 Aug-Roundbale

Leaving for Alabama on Thursday so I had to get a roundbale for the horses so John wouldn't have to worry about feeding them...

Aug 11

Call me a slacker.....I'm way late on updating......

But anyway....Charlie likes crackers...

Monday, August 10, 2009

Aug 10-Monday Monday

I was really dreading today since I had to work all day but it wasn't bad. I thought I would have to be in the little baby side, but I stayed on the big baby side. I like it over there more....the babies aren't so random as on the little baby side.

Worked all day, came home and fed the horses, gave Skippy his West Nile shot and then made Alyssa dinner...I rule....

Sunday, August 9, 2009

Aug 9-Productive day

Spent the day at home and it was great!! Cleaned the house, got the laundry done, watched a Rangers WIN, brushed the horses and watered the flowers...

that's it....wonderful, peaceful day...

Here's a picture of Timmy who was chillin on my bed on the clean comforter at the time.

Saturday, August 8, 2009

Aug 8

No pictures yesterday...I was a loser again.

Had to get up early today to go to stupid training at work then John and I went to Ihop for breakfast. Then I went college shopping today with Alyssa and Katie and got a bunch of stuff for her dorm room. Then came home and took a much needed nap and now I feel human again.

I went outside today and noticed the bush that I trimmed back had sprouted flowers again!! YEA!!! I didn't kill it!!

Aug 6 LONG day!

Worked all day again....omg...I am was so tired!!

Went to Petsmart at lunch and got Jonas a couple of new toys. I need to get the little guy a toy box.

Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Aug 5-crazy day

Allison left at 6 am to go to North Carolina to visit her friend Danielle. Then I got called into work early due to people being I worked 9 hours with very cranky babies today. I think I'm nuts.....

I am so freaking tired and my back hurts from lifting all those heavy babies all day...finally got lunch at 1:40 and headed to Central Market for some salad and fruit. Ran into one of the ladies from my church group and it was nice to see her again.

Now I am at home alone with the crazy dog and I feel like I am going to drop...

Aug 4-Haircut

Alyssa went and got her hair cut for college. I wasn't sure I would like it that short, but she's as cute as ever!!!

Aug 3=HOT

Holy was hot out today.

terrible cell phone picture, but you get the idea...

Aug 2-Rangers game...

Ok...I am so behind on my blog due to work...but anyway...we took the kids and some of their friends to the Rangers game on Sunday. I really didn't want to go, but it was really fun and I'm glad I went!!

Saturday, August 1, 2009

My cute Jonas

I was SOOO TIRED this morning! I guess it was hard to go from a year of not working to a week of actual work!!

A storm hit around 8 am so I put Jonas back in his crate and enjoyed the darkness for awhile. Slept till after was GREAT!!

Went to church (which was freaking amazing btw) and I was going to take Allison shopping afterward but she wasn't feeling well so we came home.

Thankfully she feels better now because her friend Whitnie is back in town and is spending the night tonight. I know the girls missed each other!!

Here's my cutie patootie Jonas sitting nicely for a treat!!

July 31-Happy Anniversary!!

Went to work with screaming babies all day. Actually it wasn't too bad, the babies were all good, but Sawson wasn't there and Irma is disorganized so it was a mess when I got there.

Went to the Rangers game after work and got carded twice to buy beer!! YEA!!! Left the game in the 6th inning because the weather looked horrible and a bad storm hit as soon as we left. 2 hour rain delay and they started back up at 11 and Rangers won!! YEA!!

Took this picture of Ichiro....what an awkward swing!!