Monday, December 5, 2011

Dec 5

Can't believe I woke up to snow on the ground!!!! 

Dec 4

Lazy day!!!  Took John to the airport first thing in the morning and then came home to chill pretty much all day long.  It was cold and rainy all day, so although I did clean up the house was a nice lazy day!!
The cats were so lazy that they didn't move from this spot all day......

Sunday, December 4, 2011

Nov 29

The things my dogs put up with Lol!

Nov 27

Tonight it was Charlie's turn to lay closest to the fire!

Nov 25

Super day spent doing NOTHING!!  John had to work, so the rest of us just chilled at the house and had a fire!

Nov 24

Happy Thanksgiving!!!  Great day with the family!!  Got up and went to see Breaking Dawn with the girls and then came home to chill and eat!! 

Nov 20

Had a great day with Alyssa!  Got up and headed to San Antonio to do some sightseeing, shopping and to visit an old friend from Alaska!  Went to the Riverwalk mall and walked down by the Riverwalk and over to the Alamo.  Took some pics (OBVIOUSLY) and then headed to the Earl of Sandwich to eat!!  YUM!!!  The only time we get Earl is at Disney World, so we were just pretending we were in Downtown Disney while we were eating!   After lunch we headed over to visit my friend Tina and had a nice time catching up!!

Nov 19

Drove down to Austin to see Alyssa in a play.  She was playing the Jester and was freaking adorable and AMAZING!  I am blown away every time I see her on stage...I am so totally proud of her!