Wednesday, June 23, 2010

June 20

Checked out the backside of Barksdale AFB to look for alligators....but didn't see any...

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

June 19-drive home

Spent almost all day in the car with a short side trip to New Orleans!

June 18-Last Day

Went to Epcot for our last day...I hate the last day at Disney...

June 17 Pool Day!

Took a break from the parks. Woke up to a morning swim with John and then biscuits and gravy made by my brother!!

Went to Downtown Disney for lunch and another margarita!! Apparently I didn't take any pictures!!

June 16 Magic Kingdom!!

This was the day I was most worried about, but I had a plan and everything went well. Plus thanks to Jodi we found the sweet cream cheese pretzels!!!!

June 15 Hollywood Studios

Made the mad dash to get a Toy Story Mania FP while the family went on the roller coaster then met them on Tower of Terror. Did a whole bunch of other stuff before the rain started to come down while we were watching Beauty and the Beast, so we headed out around 3ish..

June 14-Beach Day!!

My family and Kathleen got up and headed to Cocoa Beach! Beach was great, water was awesome, but thankfully we had John there so we didn't stay too long. We were there about 2 1/2 hours before we left. Headed over to Patrick AFB to get John a new ID. Went to Ron John's Giant Surf Shop then headed back...

June 13- taking the Fam to Animal Kingdom

Family was up and ready by the designated time! I was so proud of them all week!! There was some grumbling about it being hot, and blah blah blah, but everyone did great!!

Rode Everest 3 times, Dinosaur twice, Safari, Bug's Life, Primeval Hurl and saw all the animals and were out of there around 2-3. Headed over to the Animal Kingdom Lodge after that to get a drink then back to the house where I made yummy Stouffer's Lasagna!!

June 12-Move in Day

Checked out of the hotel and into the house!!! Family all got there and it was just a chill day! (Except for Jodi and Alyssa running around from park to park trying to get tickets).

June 11 Epcot

Went to Epcot and that's about all I remember!

June 10 Animal Kingdom

Love Love Love Animal Kingdom!!!

June 9-Magic Kingdom

Got up way early to eat breakfast at the Crystal Palace. Fun but way expensive and I don't know if we will do it again. After breakfast we did Peter Pan, Pooh, and I have no idea what else until it was time to go open up ToonTown and MEET TINKERBELL! Yes, that was the highlight of my day, the fairies were awesome!! We had a fun day, went back to the resort around lunch via the buses. (I am not a fan of Disney buses!!).

Went back to the MK after a few hours at the resort and rode a few more things before we got out of there before the fireworks.


After a short 4 hour drive we got to the Promised Land! Headed to Downtown Disney first to get some lunch (Earl of Sandwich), a margarita and some Goofy Candy Company candy!! Here are the girls having some silly Disney fun!

Then we checked into our home (Port Orleans Riverside) for the next 4 nights and checked out the resort. I left the girls and went over to Animal Kingdom and got their tickets and also rode Everest and the Safari while I was there!!

June 7-on the road!

Left bright and early (4:23 a.m) to head to DISNEY!!! Long day but we made good time and stayed in a hotel in Tallahassee.

June 6

Boy oh boy am I behind!!! Anyway....June 6th we went to an awful long, awful hot, awful loss, Rangers game. It wasn't all bad because the players all saw the girls and they waved at them!