Saturday, January 30, 2010

Jan 27 DTD and Epcot

Wednesday was a sleep in day, but I didn't sleep very long. We had a nice quiet morning and then headed out to DTD. I really wanted Earl of Sandwich again, but we ended up going to Fulton's (which I have always wanted to try). I got a crab cake sandwich that I really wasn't crazy about, but I also got some Crab and Lobster Bisque that was AMAZING!! It was like Soup Nazi good and I would stand in line for this soup for sure!!! Then we went over to the World of Disney. I found Alyssa her Stitch pens and that's all I got. Betty went hog wild buying stuff for Macey! Went to Goofy's candy shop too for some way too fattening treats!!

Then we headed over to Epcot for another trip around the world. It was more crowded than it was on Sunday and Monday, but it still wasn't bad. We just ate, shopped and also went in to see the movie in the Canadian pavillion. I saw Aurora in France!! She was awesome, not sure why I love her so much but I do!! We also ran into some really nice Buckeye fans from Cincinnati while we were sitting in Germany.

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