Saturday, November 14, 2009

Nov 13-otherwise known as Friday the 13th!!

Not a bad day for me...shoulder hurt like mad so I FINALLY made an appointment to go see a doctor about it. Had a good morning then I went into work early so the new girl could finish reading the binder. Didn't matter though...because she put in her 2 weeks notice during lunch after only 5 days!! We have some bad babies at work, but omg they aren't that bad!! So maybe that means some more hours for me in the next few weeks. I think every now and then about taking the 8:15-5:15 shift...but then I would never get anything done and I wouldn't see John during the week since he's going to start a new job and won't be home in the evening.

Since it was Friday the 13th I wanted a picture of a black cat, but since I don't have one then this picture of Autumn will have to do!!

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