Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Tuesday night at the Van Winkle's....

Went to my group this morning and had a nice time as always. The drive to and from was back because I gave Valerie my Israeli Jewish Friend a ride to group since she doesn't have a car. She cracks me up. She also makes me thank the Lord that I was born in America since she is from Israel and heard bombings and missiles almost daily and almost got killed when a bomb hit her house!!! She heard thunder yesterday morning and thought it was a bomb!!!

Came home...took a nap, cleaned up the kitchen and took the dogs out to play. Oh yeah...made some Gumbo for dinner and it was yummy....tortured Taira by text telling her how good the Gumbo was and that she should be here!!

Anyway....here's the pic for the day....a glimpse inside the exciting Van Winkle house!!! I know you are excited to see what goes on in here....

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