Saturday, August 21, 2010

Aug 10th

Took the day off work to take Alyssa to the Rangers/Yankees game. We got to the stadium about 5 pm and there was a line around the stadium already!!! It was amazing!!! 2 hours before game time and it was packed to the gills!! We walked around a bit then went to get something to eat. Then came my favorite part....saying, "excuse me, excuse me, our seats are down there" While be bust past all the Yankee fans to head to our FIRST ROW SEATS! Gotta love it!! The Rangers 3rd base coach threw Alyssa a ball. She almost didn't get it because the stupid girl next to me tried to jump in front of her, even though it was clearly meant for Alyssa! This chick tried to get A-rod's attention all night to throw her a ball, but when he finally did toss a ball, it went to the people to our left. Ha ha for her!!

Another exciting game and the Rangers came out on top! It was amazing, no one left early, and there were chants of "Let's go Rangers" all the way out to the parking lot.

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