Monday, June 1, 2009

June already!!!

Had a great day today. Kathleen and I went trail riding in the Grasslands. Weather was great, and the horses were good for the most part. (Skippy had some "Skippy issues" but was pretty good).

I couldn't print out a map so we were doing the trail from memory. Well, we went right when we should have went left and added probably 5 more miles onto our trail!! Thankfully at one point Kathleen found a map on the ground so we at least knew where we were!!

Skippy had a breakthrough and actually drank from the scary water trough with the concrete around it and the fish in it! We were relieved to see him drink!!

We probably rode 5 miles more than I had planned, I've never been so happy to see the trailer!!!

Then we had to hurry home, take a shower and then go see the One Act Play at the High School....I'm beat now and I'm going to bed...

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