Thursday, May 7, 2009

Cleaned out the garage

Had a semi busy day....took Ivan to the vet and got his coggins/rabies/west nile for $57 total...I love this vet. No frills, but cheap and fast!! Plus they are really nice and you don't need an appointment.

Well, somehow when I was unhooking the trailer I pulled something in my neck and it hurts REALLY BAD!! Can't turn my head to the right without crazy amount of pain...hopefully it will be better tomorrow cuz this sucks...

Anyway....even thought my neck hurt BAD apparently I had the cleaning bug and I started sweeping out the garage and went through a few boxes. Found some of Alyssa's old cheer uniforms and when I walked into the house I found her modeling them for her friend Katie. Here she is with her top from middle school at Greenwood and then the skirt is from 10th grade at Rosewood.

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